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Source: Tasmanian Visitors Survey (TVS) - Tourism Tasmania

TVS Reliability and interpretation notes Visitor estimates under 5,000 are subject to high sampling variability and should be used with caution. TVS survey estimates are subject to random sampling error. When interpreting these figures, readers are advised to consult the Tasmanian Visitor Survey - Confidence intervals tables before drawing conclusion from the TVS data. Due to updated sampling and weighting procedures from 13 July some Tasmanian Visitor Survey estimates have been historically revised to allow for comparability over time. See the TVS upgrade [PDF 199KB] for more details.

About this map

Tasmanian Visitor Survey (TVS) There is now 1.1 million visitors (annually) to Tasmanian who are spending 9.55 million nights in the state. This interactive map shows where they go and how they spend their time. The following is a map visualisation of the Tasmanian Visitor Survey. The data has been sourced from Tourism Tasmania’s TVS and mapped by Insight GIS. For more information contact Insight GIS at or 03 6234 5833.

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